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Top 10 UK Web Hosting Sites of 2013

If you are looking to transfer your hosting to a new cheap web hosting provider, or if you are new to web hosting and need help on which web hosts to go for and who to avoid, our information is easy to follow, so you can be assured you choose the best web hosting company to suit your webhosting needs. Here at we are dedicated to providing independent reviews and rankings of the top web hosts in the industry. Our team of expert webmasters takes into account these important factors when reviewing a web hosting provider like ease-of-use, uptime, support, cost and control panel.

So let us find the best reseller hosting company for you, so you don't have to...

number1 BlueHost

98% Review


2 JustHost
75 GB 600 GB Unlimited

95% Review


3 HostGator
50 GB 500 GB Unlimited $15/yr

94% Review


4 Green Geeks
Unlimited Unlimited 50 FREE

94% Review


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Just Host have held the top spot in the shared web hosting market for some time now and thanks to their constant efforts. Just Host are now leading the way for other web hosting companies to follow. Since launching reseller web hosting Just Host has received a positive response from customers worldwide, thousands of people have abandoned their old reseller plan and opened an account with the internet's most successful web hosting provider, Just Host.

New to reseller web hosting or not you will find Just Host's reseller plan more than capable of catering for your needs. The reseller hosting service was built with the user in mind, simple enough for a complete novice to use yet advanced enough to offer everything their competitors do and more. Whether you are starting your own web hosting company or reselling web hosting space to your clients as your own, Just Host's reseller service offers the perfect plan for you at a fraction of the price.

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So Who Are We, and How Do We Know So Much About Hosting?

Welcome to "The Top 10 Best Web Hosting" the place for web hosting information. If you are looking for top web hosts, or if you are new to web hosting, our information should be easy to follow and precise to make sure you find the best web hosting company to suit your hosting needs. The Best 10 web hosting team consists of a team of dedicated webmasters with vast experience in the webhosting industry. We have been writing about and testing the best web hosting suppliers and plans for over 8 years now, to help website owners make the right choice when searching for the best web host.

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How We Choose a Host Provider?

We search the web for the best website hosting providers and rate their shared hosting plans based on reliability, cost, uptime, support, control panel and ease-of-use. We have multiple hosting accounts with each web hosting company we come across and regularly update our reviews and rankings chart to keep you up-to-date with the top web hosting providers and how each host is performing. Feel free to read all our free hosting reviews and choose the best web hosting service to suit your websites hosting needs.

About Cheap Hosting

The common mistake when looking for website hosting is to just quickly browse the web and find the cheapest web hosting company they can find. They don't take on board the fact that without choosing the best cheap host they could run into potential problems which will actually cost them more over time. Some cheap hosts oversell their servers so you will experience slow website response times and lots of downtime. Another common problem with cheap hosts is that they can't offer the same level of support, so you can find yourself having long hold times and poor quality tech support.

So we recommend that you read our professional reviews and make the right hosting choice. All the hosting companies are cheap, but these are respected hosts with proven reliability and support for their low price. So to avoid a costly long term mistake don't just choose the cheapest hosting plan you can find as you may well end up potentially paying for it in the future because of poor uptime and bad technical support. Read our reviews and you are bound to find the best cheap host for your websites hosting.

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To date we have now helped over 62,500 website owners find the best cheap, affordable web hosting which is reliable, feature packed and offer top quality support. This number is growing daily and we hope that every visitor is happy without reviews and chooses a host which suits their needs. We always welcome feedback so if you have any please feel free to contact us.

Affordable Hosting

Here at we like to use the term affordable when looking for budget web hosting. Cheap makes you think you will opt for the lowest price solution whereas affordable has an element of comparison i.e. low cost for that amount of space etc. So we wouldn't say the cheapest host is the most affordable as the cheapest host might have a lower spec.

Regardless of the size of your budget, we will help to guide you on affordable web hosting. The plans listed above are perfect for any personal, hobby, or small business websites in need of both affordable as well as high quality, reliable hosting

Latest Customer Reviews

Excellent Support A++

I would recommend using Blue Host just because of their customer and technical support. My issue was resolved super fast and before I knew it I was dealing with a competent tech representative.

Excellent Customer Service and Affordable!

If you are looking for a company that will provide you with excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and all the services you need then look no further than This site has everything you could possibly want in a web hosting company and more, and you canít beat their low prices.

Dont Use if you want reliability

Been with hostgator just a few weeks and already looking to switch, their reliability sucks. My site has been down for 4 days now and was down 1 day last week also. Hostgator charge for a domain so i thought i was paying extra for a premium service but i was wrong. Support havent been great either in telling me what the hells going on. I recemmend you look around before going with hostgator for your website if reliability is needed.

Green Geeks
Big GreenGeeks Fan!

I signed up with Green Geeks months back, I loved their services so much that I decided to host my clients site with them too (I'm a website designer). I then found out that they offer reseller hosting which just blew my mind! My business can now offer web hosting as an additional service and as far as my customers know they're hosted with me! The profit potential is great, not to mention I am reselling one of the best hosts around... GreenGeeks all the way!